Summer Campgeo

Check back in Spring of 2020!

Each camp session has a uniqu
e theme focused on a region or ecosystem on the island of Maui. All camps engage campers in scientific inquiry, innovative technology use, integration of visual arts projects, outdoor adventures, and FUN camp games and activities.  Beach Volleyball is a favorite at all GeoExplorer camps!  Campers are CITIZEN SCIENTISTS:  they investigate the outdoor environment and upload data for real scientists to use.  They use a mobile lab of tablet computers, a digital microscope, binoculars, spotting scopes and more!.    

Coastal Wetlands Camp – Native Wildlife Near Our Shores

Campers explore the coastal wetlands of Maui on the North and South shores.  They participate in a GPS treasure hunt and use Citizen Science Tablet Apps to submit wildlife data.  Campers conduct science experimIMG_0299ents on wetland filtration, participate in a bird monitoring project, and investigate insects and more under the microscope. They build 3D models of native and non-native wetland species. Locations include Kanahā Beach Park and Kealia Ponds National Wildlife Refuge.

Makai Camp – Tidal Zone Treasures
Campers explore the intertidal zone and a traditional native Hawaiian fish pond on the shores of North Kihei and at Kanahā Beach Park.  They use the digital microscope to investigate marine creatures, coral and sand.  IMG_0388Students create stop motion animation movies about the intertidal zone.


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