GeoExplorers 2017

This page is for the campers and families of GeoExplorers Summer Camp 2017 Sessions.

Watershed Camp

Day 1: Waihe’e Beach Park

Day 2: Waihe’e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge

Day 3:  Waihe’e Ridge Trail and Beach Park

Makai Camp

Links to Pictures:

Day 1:  Kanahā Beach Park

Day 2:  Kihei Marine Preserve Tidepools (and the VFW Hall)

Day 3: Maui Ocean Center

Auntie Dianaʻs Phone:

From iPads:


Day 5:  Kihei Whale Sanctuary


Multimedia Slideshows by Groups:

FINAL SHOW –  Songs and Puppet Show: