Citizen Science Hawai’i

Citizen Science Hawai’i is a program of Learning Endeavors funded by the National NOAA-logoOceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Grant Program.  The original project name funded for SY 2015-16 was “Watershed Citizen Science and Stewardship through Digital Mapping”.

In its first year, Maui Middle School students and teachers are engaging in citizen science and stewardship activities at two preserved areas, one native forest site and one coastal dunes and wetlands site with shoreline access. They are using digital mapping tools to analyze and communicate the value of researching and restoring our island’s fragile watershed ecosystems. Students will lead two culminating community events to demonstrate their newfound knowledge and skills in May 2016.

Primary partners on this project are the Hawaii Department of Education BaldwinKekaulike Maui Complex Area Middle Schools, Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, and East Maui Watershed Partnership.



To learn more about this program or get involved, visit the program website at